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Nintendo is taking the competition to game makers by launching Pokémon for iOS

Yeah! If you are a Pokémon fan then get ready to get your gaming experience expanded. Nintendo has just announced plans for a game to be launched for iOS. Pokémon Go is coming to entice your mobile gaming experience.

The long-time video game maker who has filled the childhoods of the silicon era people with awesome memories shared a video on its official YouTube channel announcing Pokémon Go, a game based on augmented reality and built by the team at Niantic (a former Google group credit with launching the game Ingress, based on similar tech).

If you look at the video then you will see people around New York City using their smartphones to look for digital versions of Pokémon creatures scattered around the entire city. The game will allow users to catch these Pokémon and then train them to grow their strengths. They can trade them with other players around the world or use them to win battles. They can even team up with other players to complete challenges.

That’s not all… there’s a Pokémon Smart Watch Too!

This just keeps getting better and better. Nintendo has built some kind of a smart watch as an optional accessory to the game. The intention is to allow players to play without having to look every time at their phone. On top of that it looks like a Poke Ball. How cool is that! You will get a notification when a Pokémon is near and you can then take out your phone to capture it and add it to your arsenal.

The game will launch sometime in 2016 on iOs platforms as a completely free game under in-app purchases. More game details and information about revenue models is still pending. It is more likely to come out this year.

I believe that as Pokémon is such a fan favourite video game around the globe, the mobile launch should mean a greater market for the game and stiff competition to game market leaders. It will be nice to see what this competition brings up. I am sure we will have more interesting; redefining and ecstatic games will turn up and entice us even more. If you are an addict then you better start doing something else!!

Basic Info about Pokémon Game for Newbies.

I know there are many game fans born each day. So if you have found this article in search for good games then don’t worry because Pokémon games have been successful for a long time. Developed by Game Freak and Creatures Inc. and published by Nintendo, the game series has been a major part of the Pokémon Franchise. It was first released in 1996 in Japan for the classic Game Boy.

It is the second most successful video game franchise after Mario Brothers. So if you are wondering to try it then I think you should go ahead and do it!